My name is Jitka Matýšková.

I’m offering doula services in Brno and South Moravia.

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+420 733 505 704

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With the birth of a child, a woman is also born into a mother. The family into a larger unit. The world into a community.

I provide support, companionship, and reassurance in such a boundary process as childbirth, as well as the period before and after it. I offer warmth, care, and a haven where you can safely say and do almost anything you need.

I guide women and families on the journey through pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and womanhood itself. For this, I use my hands, heart, experience, herbs, and especially your own competencies.

Each of us is unique, each family is unique, and everyone deserves an individual approach with tailor-made care.

The way we come into the world is important. Just as important is how we, those of us who are already in the world, undergo this transformation ourselves.

I help the future to be born with you.